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Brand New Handhelds!
The Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS are two brand new handheld consoles, offering console power on the move.
Obviously, Cheats Galore has all the cheats you will need, if your fortunate enough to own one of these. It really isn't suprising why we are "The First Place To Look For Cheats" then is it?

Sony PSP: 127 cheats for 19 games
Nintendo DS: 166 cheats for 26 games
Most Popular
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The next evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series. Discover an immersive storyline filled with twists and turns in an amazingly fast-paced adventure with PlayStation 2's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2.

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Halo 2

Checkout the second game in this truly gripping series. Halo 2 combines superior graphics with brand new weapons & environments. X-Box Live support extends the game, allowing you to challenge your friends. Get cheats for this game now!

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